•  ​初级法语课程

    • 精准发音

    • 技巧变位

    • 入门Tefaq 

    For students with weak foundation, help you find a easy way to get started with French as soon as possible and lay a solid foundation.

    Basic French Class

  • ​中级法语课程

    • 提高听说技能

    • 强化词汇

    • 达到B2水平

    For students with a certain foundation, strengthen their vocabulary, speaking and listening skills, and reach B2 and above more quickly.

    Advanced French Class

  • ​TEFAQ王牌班

    • tefaq听力提高

    • tefaq口语冲刺

    For students who want to take the tefaq oral and listening test, improve skills and experience to pass the exam quickly

    Tefaq Class

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