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About Us

College QC is committed to providing high quality, efficient and cost effective French courses. College QC has experienced Chinese and foreign teachers with reasonable curriculum design, strong pertinence. Based on the characteristics of Chinese learning,we write our own exclusive textbooks to meet the different needs of the students. At the same time, College QC is affiliated to Qicheng Consulting. The company team has Western immigration lawyers, licensed immigration consultants and Quebec real estate agents. It is a truly one-stop full-service company.


       启诚学院致力于提供 [高质量,高效和高性价比的法语课程。 我们学院拥有经验丰富的中外教师,课程设计合理,针对性强。 根据汉语学习的特点,我们编写独家教科书以满足各种阶段学生群体的不同需求。 


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